Welcome to our Fundraising Program


Cancer Council

Cancer Council is the only charity in Australia to work across every area of every cancer, from research to prevention and support. We help people from the point of diagnosis through to treatment and survivorship.

Our vision

A cancer free future.

Our mission

Lead a cohesive approach to reduce the impact of cancer.

Cancer Council Australia works with its members the eight state and territory cancer organisations to:

  • undertake and fund cancer research
  • prevent and control cancer
  • provide information and support for people affected by cancer.

Cancer Council Australia was formerly called the Australian Cancer Society.


Equi Energy Youth

EquiEnergy Youth is a charity aiming to reduce youth suicide, self harm and psychological distress across Australia and beyond. We deliver consulting services and training for professionals (i.e. educators, child/adolescent mental health support systems) and families to build capacity in the community to support the mental health of young people. Our approach is evidence based, stemming from thousands of hours of clinical experience and a Phd research project conducted by our Clinical Director Dr Stephen Spencer (PhD).

We coach the best way to respond to young people in distress using our psychological first aid framework called the TAR3 framework and how to develop support plans for individuals with mental health challenges. Also, among many skills, participants of our training learn how to help the young people in their care build coping, resilience and positive help seeking behaviours.


Roma World United

Roma World United aims to provide skills-based training, education and empowerment to Romani communities in combatting discrimination and prejudice.